Bowling Green Half Marathon Race Report

I’m not sure I could imitate the victorious battle cry I gave as I greeted my family seconds after clocking a new half marathon PR of 01:54:38 and receiving my medal at the Bowling Green Half Marathon in Kentucky on 2 November. I must have been channeling Russell Crow in Gladiator because I even threw out a “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED???!!” to my husband as I sat laughing on the ground, enjoying my euphoric runner’s brain high. Ten states out of 50 complete and my second sub 2-hour half marathon finish time this year, not to mention some of the best running I’ve ever done.

The Race Expo was held at the National Corvette Museum. There was plenty of parking (for free), a tasty pasta dinner with salad and breadsticks (also free), and a nice friendly vibe overall. I love when runners can sort of sit around and talk with each other in a relaxed way–you get to know some great people from all over. And, the swag bag was the best—a cotton t-shirt, a tech running shirt, and a fleece blanket all came inside a really nice running bag with a bottle of water and 2 packets of pain relieving gel in one of the side pockets. My husband was looking especially sad that he wasn’t running since we had our twins and Corgis with us.

The weather on race morning was super cold and dry, just how I like it. The race course had a nice hilly first half to prime the legs and a rather forgettable second half where you can just grind out the miles one by one. The aid stations, crowd support, and volunteers were great, despite it being so cold, and there were little goodies out on the course like pickle juice shots at mile 11. There was chocolate milk, burgers, beer, and massage tables at the finish area. This is why I love smaller races and this is also why I would definitely run this race again.

Thanks for reading!

Expo Expo 2 Family Race Blanket Race Swag Race Bag 1Bib Weather

Start 2

I took my fleece off before I ran.


Finish 2

Weird stance because I’m holding my gloves.


Course_Elevation_Pace Profile Results

Finisher's Photo

Home Sweet Home

Happy to be home.


Pre-Race Nutrition:

(1.5 liters water throughout night/early morning)

4:45 am: Banana, 2 S-Caps, 8 oz. water (I took another S-Cap during the race around mile 4)

5:30 am: 1 hard boiled egg (plain), 8 oz. Black coffee, a few bites of yogurt

7:00 am/Race Start: a few sips of water

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